pauline paquin

Pauline Paquin has three sons and lives in Ste-Adele, Quebec where she carries on relentlessy what she started in 1979. As a figurative artist with an acute sense of observation, flair for details and a vivid color palette, she carries on her mission and put to life on her canvas those magic moments of childhood. Pauline puts into her painting sensitivity with a touch of souvenirs, of mothering, of nostalgia and reality.

Each painting illustrates a unique, magical moment of the children's universe, a world in perpetual effervescence similar to and endless whirl. The scenes, either actual or fictitious, bring us back to our own childhood. The voluntary omission of facial features makes it easier for us to be drawn into the painting, even if this is without our knowledge! Her art is accessible to everybody with an open mind! 

PaquinPauline Paquin
Huile sur toile  14" X 18" / 35.5 X 46 cm 2200.00$ CAN