Nathan Letovsky

LETOVSKY, Nathan  (1925- ).  Born in Montreal, Quebec, Letovsky studied painting under Gunther Heymann; Arthur Lismer and Jacques de Tonnancour at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; drawing at l’École des Beaux-Arts with Stanley Cosgrove; and with Moe Reinblatt and John Fox at the Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal. He was very active participant in some of the most exciting times of the Quebec Artist Revolution.

Working in oil, he paints representational Quebec urban scenes and landscapes as well as abstract works. Inspired by the works of German artist Max Lierbermann, Nathan took to developing his own style of abstract painting, also incorporating expressionism into his style. His studio is in the Quebec Laurentians, where he spends his time continuously creating new works. 

Nathan LetowskyNathan Letovsky

Oil on board
30" X 49"
76 X 124 cm
1800.00$ CAN