Jan funnekotter

Jan Funnekotter was born in Rotterdam (Netherlands in 1929. He graduated from Business School but gravitated towards the Arts. He continued his studies at the Arts Aacdemy in Rotterdam and graduated from that institution.

He arrived in Halifax (Canada) in 1954 and worked there as a designer. After two years, he moved to Quebec where he devides his time between design and painting. He took up a teaching position at Dawson College (Montreal) where he gave life drawing classes as well as classes in technical drawing and illustration.

Since then, he devote his time to painting. His works are part of private and corporate collections. 

funnekoter Jan Funnekotter
Huile sur Panneau
11" X 13"
30 X 35 cm
900.00$ CAN

VictoriaJan Funnekotter
Huile sur toile
8,5 " X 12"
22 X 30 cm
1200.00$ CAN