Henry Wanton Jones 1925-


Born in 1925 in Waterloo, Québec, Henry Wanton Jones presently lives in Morin-Heights in the Laurentians. He spends winters in Mexico, the inspiration for his magnificent large paintings.

For over 35 years Jones created pottery, gold and silver jewellery, paintings and sculptures. In 1976, Jones decided to paint exclusively. The artist works on six or seven paintings at a time. He finds it difficult to part with his works once completed. He is known to return to his paintings to change or add a signature, to change a small detail.



Jones works with oils on Masonite or with watercolours. He produces pen-and-ink and pencil drawings. His sculptures are created with steel, fibreglass and ceramics.


Among the artist's favourite subjects are still-life compositions, nudes in nature, equestrian nudes, portraits, self-portraits and masks, the artist and his model.

The works of Henry Wanton Jones are both spiritual and amusing. Jones frequently uses red, green and white -the three colours of the Mexican flag- in his paintings. Eggs, cherries and oranges appear repeatedly in his still-life compositions. His major paintings are inherently sexual, audacious and mysterious in nature.

Henry Wanton JonesHenry Wanton Jones 1925
Oil on board
20" X 16"
50 X 40 cm
3750.00$ CAN