cornelius bouter 1888-1966

Cornelis Bouter was born in Gouda, but lived and worked in The Hague until 1928. From 1928-1948 he resided in Voorburg, returning to The Hague later in his career. Bouter's paintings of both interiors and exteriors depicted figures painted in the manner of B.J. Blommers and Jozef Israels. He also incorporated cows, horses, and goats typical of Dutch painting.

Paintings of peasantry sold well in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Bouter, as well as several of his contemporaries, converged in Holland to paint these scenes. Bouter was popular in both Canada and the United States during his lifetime.

In addition to Cornelis Bouter, the artist occasionally signed his name with one of the following: W. Hendriks, C. Verschuur, and F. Willems, Cornelis Wouter Bouter


BouterCornelius Bouter 1886-1966 (Holland) Famille paysane
Oil on canvas 23.5 X 29.5" / 60 X 75cm 5000.00$ CAN

VictoriaCornelius Bouter 1886-1966 (Holland) Repas de famille
Oil on canvas16" X 20" / 41 X 51 cm 3000.00$ CAN

cornelisCornelius Wouter Bouter 1888-1900 (Holland)
Oil on canvas 21.5" X 25.75" / 55 X 65 cm  4500.00$ CAN